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Company policy

The quality policy of our company was formulated by the management and is regularly checked for appropriateness and effectiveness as part of the management evaluation and revised if necessary. It takes into account customer expectations and needs, includes the obligation of all company levels to meet the specified requirements and for continuous improvement, and forms the framework for defining and reviewing company goals, including quality goals.

We also commit to protecting the environment, including preventing environmental pollution and other special obligations relevant to the context of the organization. We have an environmental protection management system that we are constantly developing. This includes an organization with clear responsibilities and a defined delegation of tasks.

The policy serves as a guideline for all employees in the execution of their work. In principle, the following points are relevant.

• We pursue the zero-defect goal by mastering our processes in order to reduce costs and thus survive in the competition.

• Employees are enabled to act in a targeted manner by means of an open information policy on business activities and a forward-looking qualification.

• Appropriate observance of the relevant laws regarding occupational safety, health and environmental protection are a matter of course.

• We maintain a fair cooperation with our suppliers and consider them as partners with an effective supply chain.

• Environmental protection as a corporate principle and the reduction of environmental impacts. We have set ourselves the goal of strict compliance with laws and regulations on environmental protection. To protect the environment, we use the best possible technology, taking economic aspects into account. We therefore involve contractors and suppliers in our environmental protection measures.

The above-mentioned topics are firmly anchored with the company goals and they require motivated employees, careful planning and documentation of the activities as well as quick and appropriate control and optimization of the processes.