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Reliable even under the toughest conditions

Cylindrical pins made from top-quality, high-strength materials within the tightest of tolerances in the µ-range, thanks to the non-cutting production method: that is Wähmer's core business. Our production takes place on fully automated, centreless CNC grinding machines. We also offer state-of-the-art cleaning options – with or without granulate and drying.

Delivery in record time
Uncompromising quality standards – based on a quality assurance system certified to DIN EN 9001
(EAE AS 9100) and ISO 14001 – go hand in hand with unbeatably short lead times: We can supply your chosen products in 4 weeks – or even in just one week if need be.

Spring steel for maximum stability
In this area too, Wähmer is practically unrivalled: We manufacture connecting elements and bolts in spring steel, which offers superior strength, both for standard parts and custom products.

Always the right amount
There are no upper limits on the volumes we can deliver. If you wish, we can also keep a safety stock in our warehouse or offer you the Kanban inventory control system.

RIKOPIN and so much more
At the centre of Wähmer’s product range is RIKOPIN, our ring head cylindrical pin manufactured without cutting. It is complemented by a range of other elements: CNC turned parts, CNC milled parts and many more besides. In addition to the manufacturing of parts, we also offer you precision surface treatment - such as hardening, notching, passivating or nitriding.