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Varied solutions with unique advantages

Apart from the patented RIKOPIN, Wähmer also offers a wide range of other components. Tell us your requirements and we’ll provide you with the solutions that best meet your technical specifications. It goes without saying that you will also benefit from the wide range of materials, maximum production precision and short lead times.

Cylindrical pins without chamfers
We can manufacture these simple, non-cutting connecting elements for you especially quickly.

Grooved pins
We offer non-cutting grooved pins both in accordance with standards and based on customers' drawings. Your benefit lies in the exact fixing during assembly.

CNC turned parts
We manufacture precision turned parts with diameters from 3 to 280 mm out of aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metals (not iron) or plastic. The parts can be up to 300 mm in length.

Small turned parts
In addition to the CNC turned parts we also maufacture small turned parts with diameters from 0,8 to 4 mm. Up to the diameter the length can vary from 3,5 to 118 mm.

Stamped parts
We supply you with non-cutting stamped parts – e.g. for use as washers, circular blanks and much more besides.