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RIKOPIN – A cylindrical pin that sets standards

RIKOPIN stands for ring head cylindrical pin. What makes RIKOPIN so special compared to the conventional ISO 2338, ISO 8734, DIN 7 and DIN 6325 standards is that these pins have a parabolically rounded transition between the case and the end face instead of turned chamfers at both ends. The benefit to you is that the pin can be fitted very easily into narrow bores, making it ideal for automated assembly processes.

No chips
Because we manufacture the RIKOPIN without cutting, there is absolutely no contamination caused by chips – even during assembly in aluminium insertions. There are no cut-off burrs and the chamfers are free from grooves and ridges.

Narrower pins are lighter in weight
The installation dimensions and tolerances of the RIKOPIN correspond exactly to the standards.
Thanks to our special production method, however, extremely strong materials of 800 to 2400 MPa (N/mm2) can be used. RIKOPIN connecting elements from Wähmer can therefore be made with a narrower design, which results in considerable weight savings.

A wide range of material options
RIKOPIN pins can be made from all common types of steel – with any dimensions between 1.5 and 8 mm.


The spring steel of type C guarantees you particular stability:

  • - Rm = 1600 MPa (N/mm2) at d = 5 mm
  • - Rm = 2400 MPa at d = 1.5 mm 

Another interesting Wähmer alternative to the standard solutions are stainless spring wires

  • Rm = 1400 MPa at d = 5 mm
  • Rm = 2200 MPa at d = 1.5 mm

An overview of RIKOPIN

  •   Parabolic transition for easy automatic assembly
  •   Miniaturisation of the parts using high-strength materials: Greater stability with a smaller diameter
  •   Non-cutting production method with individual surfaces; no chips in the batch
  •   Processing of high-strength materials with tensile strengths from 800 to 2400 MPa
  •   Minimum length tolerances: up to ±0.05 for pins up to 4 mm in diameter or ±0.1 for diameters
      from 5 to 8 mm
  •   Also available with a galvanic finish (e.g. galvanised)